Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Rose On Her Shoulder

A pretty girl sits across from me at the coffee bar,

 I love her. 

Sitting on the stool perched with utter elegance, a macbook in front of her. Well manicured fingers are delicately typing out deliberate keystrokes as her eyes stare pensively at the screen she subconsciously bites her lip. Hair in a perfectly suited elegant style that compliments her features perfectly, this is a face that would set sail a thousand ships. A raven haired beauty with classical good looks. a tattoo of a sparrow on her thumb and a prominent rose on her shoulder. She switches her legs as she sits at the stool still staring down at her computer. For a moment she looks up noticing my gaze for an uncomfortable moment our eyes meet. Both pretending we didn't notice I bring my gaze back down to my computer. This is the moment when I wish that I was more charismatic, more handsome, more interesting, braver….

Sighing at the realization I am none of these things I slowly grip my coffee and close my own laptop…heading towards the door. The image of the rose on her well tanned arm still beckons to me.
In a universe of infinite possibilities, I walked up to her, In another universe I spoke with her, shook her hand, felt her smile on my face, her hand in mine as I walked out the door. But these are mere possibilities, not reality. The reality is that fortune favors the bold. Sometimes this is as good as it gets. Swigging from my cold cup of coffee I grimace before tossing it.
I don't even like coffee.

I stare at the window of my endless possibilities one last time, her eyes look up she sees mine. Almost casually she waves before returning to her computer. She misses my hurried yet delayed return wave. I turn back to the streets of Los Angeles, to the urban decay the blight with its smoggy air and distant sirens. Almost as if its welcoming to join in its destruction seeking to take me with it. The destruction embraces me as I begin my walk down a cracked sidewalk. There is a light shining from above, closing my eyes for a moment I embrace it letting the waves and the aromatic stink and decay that permeates this city sink in. Suddenly it disappears and then... just for a moment, in this state of silence and almost from behind... I detect the smell…of roses.

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