Saturday, November 1, 2014

Something To Look Forward To...

They told us the world was going to end in 1999. 

This was a not a repeat of 1899. 

The last gasp of Generation X. 

They told us the world was going to end in 1999. 

Raised to believe that nothing mattered. 

Raised in the belief that no matter what you did or how you felt it didn't matter. 

Hey the world was going to end.

MTV bred Nihilists.

We partied like it was 1999…reckless and vicious and uncaring we destroyed the future that was never supposed to come.

Party, dance, love, pretend like nothing else matters with Cobain's lyrics written on our Jansport backpacks.

No electronic leashes of 24/7 news cycles, Facebook updates, youtube, and tabloid stars making movies, waiting in line for the same damn iPhone thats only different because of a number. Freedom to run wild and let yourself be known only by a quarter and a pay phone. Where a party's turnout was judged by name recognition not by twitter feed.

Soundgarden, Rage, Tupac, Lauryn hill miseducating us, MTV mattering and Bittersweet symphony playing in our ears.

A blast to end all blasts,

one last night to scream from the rooftops of our respective cities before it all ended, that one last fiery blast.

We were raised to believe that: This is how the world ends…

But it didn't.

The sun rose on a new millennium. All the belief that nothing mattered didn't seem to matter anymore.


Suddenly the generation that believed in nothing had something to fight for. We were going to save the world. 

They said save the world for us. The old guard fled the forces in droves. The new generation of hardliners took place. Like Phoenix's rising from the ashes of the WTC and the Pentagon, we became the Avenging Angels, the Badasses, the Charge Ahead Kings and Queens of Baghdad, Balad, Serno and Khost.

We were the Camouflage Kings of Rocket city. 

We Burned Baghdad. Bin Laden. We burned anyone that we could place our rage against. 
Fighting invisible enemies and screaming for retribution, revenge, revolt, reason.

The blast that we thought never came just came late, it came in Roadside bombs, rocket attacks, C4 under Burqas.

They said this is what we will do. THIS IS OUR PURPOSE. To live and die with our blood in the sand. 

MM4TM: (More Meat 4 The Maw.)

…and then one day it was over. Peace declared via press conference. 

No more fighting, no more blood, no more purpose. No more point.

No more war.

Now what? 

Who do we fight now? 

The Generation that didn't care, cared too much in the end. 

I wish it was 1999.

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