Saturday, November 1, 2014

Quem Quaeritis?

Old man looks at me as I cross the busy Santa Monica street. Eyeing me critically touch of madness behind the eyes. His hair straggly and his face burned and pocked with the smell of the street lingering from his every pore. What do you want from me old man? He reads my question wordlessly between us. I feel almost compelled to look him in the eye. The crossing light taking forever to change. He simply looks at me and asks…"Is this your moment?" 

Is this my moment….is this MY moment…

What moment do you mean old man? Is this the day when my life changes? Will a moment occur that will send me hurtling towards whatever hell life threw in your way and broke you? Will the moment break me? Will this moment be as good as it gets? Will this moment matter more than any other? Is this my moment old man? Are you me or what I am to become at some point? Is it true that we are all only one single bad day away one bad moment from losing everything we didn't even know we held dear? What moment is this?

Your breath is rank, I hate you for what you represent.


I could be you and you could be me. Am I looking at a mirror? Is this my moment old man? Or is this yours?

The light begins to ping telling me to cross. My moment is taking me away from you old man. Towards an unknown destination a tomorrow that beckons me like a moth to a flame, inevitable destruction is the only true outcome for us and you and I we both know it.

I doubt we will meet again…old man.

Wordlessly he holds his hand out. I give him my lucky 50 cent piece. John F Kennedy 1976 .40% silver. Spend it wisely old man.

He nods at me, I nod back.

This moment is ours.

I walk away from the moment and as I leave I hear a whisper in my head.

Where are you Andy?….I wish I knew the right moment to answer.

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